Jinn-Shyan Wang
Job Title Distinguished Professor
Name Jinn-Shyan Wang
Office Tel No. 05-2720411#33202
Email ieegsw@ccu.edu.tw
Research Expertise VLSI Design、
High Speed Circuit Design、
Low Power Circuit Design、
Low Voltage SoC
Paper Title Journal Title Authors Year
An all-digital on-chip peak-to-peak jitter sensor with automatic resolution calibration for high PVT-variation resilience IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers 2019
A 0.2 V 32-Kb 10T SRAM With 41 nW Standby Power for IoT Applications IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers 2018
Process/Voltage/Temperature-variation-aware design and comparative study of transition-detector-based error-detecting latches for timing-error resilient pipelined systems IEEE Trans. on VLSI Systems 2017
ULV-turbo cache for an instantaneous performance boost on asymmetric architectures IEEE Trans. on VLSI Systems 2017
An All-Digital Delay-Locked Loop Using an In-Time Phase Maintenance Scheme for Low-Jitter Gigahertz Operations IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers Jinn-Shyan Wang; Chun-Yuan Cheng 2015
A Calibration-Free PVTD-Variation-Tolerant Sensing Scheme for Footless-8T SRAM Designs IEEE Transactions on Multi-Scale Computing Systems Jinn-Shyan Wang; Yung-Chen Chien; Feng-Zhi Liu; Pei-Yao Chang 2015
A Wide-Range, Low-Power, All-Digital Delay-Locked Loop With Cyclic Half-Delay-Line Architecture IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits Jinn-Shyan Wang; Chun-Yuan Cheng; Pei-Yuan Chou; Tzu-Yi Yang 2015
Sub-threshold SRAM bit cell pnn for VDDmin and power reduction Electronics Letters Y. C. Chien; I. H. Chiang; J. S. Wang 2014
Embedding Repeaters in Silicon IPs for Cross-IP Interconnections IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems Jinn-Shyan Wang; Keng-Jui Chang; Chingwei Yeh; Shih-Chieh Chang 2013
A 4R/2W Register File Design for UDVS Microprocessors in 65-nm CMOS IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs Pei-Yao Chang; Tay-Jyi Lin; Jinn-Shyan Wang; Yen-Hsiang Yu 2012
Design of 65 nm Sub-Threshold SRAM Using the Bitline Leakage Prediction Scheme and the Non-trimmed Sense Amplifier IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Electronics Jinn-Shyan WANG Pei-Yao CHANG Chi-Chang LIN 2012
Towards Process Variation-Aware Power Gating IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems Ching-wei Yeh, Yuan-Chang Chen, Jinn-Shyan Wang 2012
Design of subthreshold SRAMs for energy-efficient quality-scalable video applications IEEE J. on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems Jinn-Shyan Wang, Pei-Yao Chang, Tai-Shin Tang, Jia-Wei Chen, and Jiun-In Guo 2011
A scalable high-performance virus detection processor against large pattern set for embedded network security IEEE Trans. VLSI Chieh-Jen Cheng, Chao-Ching Wang, Wei-Chun Ku, Tien-Fu Chen*, and Jinn-Shyan Wang 2011
Design of high-performance CMOS level converters considering PVT variations IEICE Trans. Electronics Jinn-Shyan Wang*, Yu-Juey Chang, and Chingwei Yeh 2011
A dynamic quality-adjustable H.264 Intra Coder IEEE Trans. Consumer Electronics, Jia-Wei Chen, Hsiu-Cheng Chang, Jinn-Shyan Wang, and Jiun-In Guo 2011
A Duty-Cycle-Distortion-Tolerant Half-Delay-Line Low-Power Fast-Lock-in All-Digital Delay-Locked Loop IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits Jinn-Shyan Wang ; Chun-Yuan Cheng ; Je-Ching Liu ; Yu-Chia Liu ; Yi-Ming Wang 2010
Heuristic Sizing Methodology for Designing High-Performance CMOS Level Converters with Balanced Rise and Fall Delays IEICE Transactions on Electronics Jinn-Shyan WANG, Yu-Juey CHANG, Chingwei YEH 2010
A dynamic quality-adjustable H.264 intra coder IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology Hsiu-Cheng Chang ; Jia-Wei Chen ; Bing-Tsung Wu ; Ching-Lung Su ; Jinn-Shyan Wang ; Jiun-In Guo 2009
Year Conference Name Paper Title Authors
2020 International Conference on Electronics, Information, and Communication (ICEIC) 2020 A 0.23V 40nm OAI-ROM with Low Active and Standby Power for AI-based IoT Edge Devices
2018 2018 7th International Symposium on Next Generation Electronics Comparative study of sub-Vt SRAM bitcells based on noise-margin-aware design
2018 SOCC Near-Threshold CORDIC Design with Dynamic Circuitry for Long-Standby IoT Applications
2018 SOCC A Low-Area, Low-Power, and Low-Leakage Error-Detecting Latch for Timing-Error Resilient System
2018 ICSICT A low-power high-resolution all-digital on-chip jitter sensor for A 1-3 GHz clock generator
2017 ASICON An all-N-type dynamic adder for ultra-low-leakage IoT devices
2016 SOCC Overoptimistic voltage scaling in pre-error AVS systems and learning-based alleviation Y. H. Ting, C. Y. Wang, Y. S. Chang, T. J. Lin, S. C. Chang, and J. S. Wang
2016 SOCC Variable-length VLIW encoding for code size reduction in embedded processors T. Y. Shyu, B. Y. Su, T. J. Lin, C. Yeh, T. F. Chen, and J. S. Wang,
2016 NANO Design of ultra-low-leakage near-threshold dynamic circuits in nano CMOS for IoT applications B. H. Chen, P. Y. Chou, Y. B. Fang, L. K. Yong, T. J. Lin, and J. S. Wang
2016 ASP-DAC Design of an all-digital temperature sensor in 28 nm CMOS using temperature-sensitivity-improved delay cells and adaptive-1P calibration for error reduction
2015 VMC Characterization of delay variations in modern FPGAs C. H. Kao, Z. H. Yang, C. L. Huang, Y. S. Chang, C. W. Wu, T. Y. Shyu, P. Y. Chou, T. J. Lin, and J. S. Wang
2015 ASICON Low-cost low-power droop-voltage-aware delay-fault-prevention designs for DVS caches P. Y. Chou, I. C. Wu, J. W. Lin, X. Y. Lin, T. F. Chen, T. J. Lin, and J. S. Wang
2014 ICSICT Operation-condition and timing-error collaborative monitoring for fixed-latency AVS designs P. Y. Chou, C. L. Liou, J. S. Wang, and T. J. Lin
2013 VLSI-SoC Variation-aware and adaptive-latency accesses for reliable low voltage caches
2013 VLSIC A 0.36V, 33.3μW 18-band ANSI S1.11 1/3-octave filter bank for digital hearing aids in 40nm CMOS J. S. Wang, K. J. Chang, T. J. Lin, R. Wu, and C. Yeh
2013 ISSCC A 0.48V 0.57nJ/pixel video recording SoC in 65nm CMOS T. J. Lin, C. A. Chien, P. Y. Chang, C. W. Chen, P. H. Wang, T. Y. Shyu, C. Y. Chou, S. C. Luo, J. I. Guo, T. F. Chen, C. H. Chuang, Y. H. Chu, L. C. Cheng, H. M. Su, C. Jou, M. Ieong, C. W. Wu, and J. S. Wang